Kahraman factory

for food products

An Iraqi factory with specialised Iraqi employees, which provides the best types of frozen french fries (easy to prepare and %100 natural)

The factory provides its goods in most of the Iraqi markets with different shapes and weights, and affordable prices for all Iraqis families.

Because the  consumer’s health is one of our priorities, the factory produces natural frozen french fries without additional materials.

The work continues with a best quality control process from the start of production to the end of packaging and putting it on the market shelf.


We are proud of being a leading Iraqi factory specialized in the food products industry and the favourite brand for customers in Iraq.

Our priority is to provide high quality products with the highest safety standards.


We aspire to be the first factory in the Iraqi market by expanding its production circle, improving and adding new products that serve the market and providing our customers with high quality and affordable products for their satisfaction.  To achieve this goal we will do the utmost professionalism with our partners and the community thus ensuring a strong long-term relationship.