Sama Al Amirat Company

Sama Al Amirat Company is one of the best Iraqi companies and the exclusive agent in importing the finest types of dried milk from the Australian company ViPlus, which is one of the leading companies with an experience of 128 years in the manufacture of milk formulas that is rich in essential and important nutrients for people in their daily lives.

The company imports the best types of dried milk for examples; the one for infants (from birth to 12 months old),  elderly milk (for ages over 60 years), low-sugar milk and milk substitute for diets. As well as importing other products for skin care, health and beauty. 

The company’s primary motivation remains to discover consumers’ needs and to find more products to add. Our goal is to be the best brand for consumers and to ensure the marketing of a range of nutritious products to our consumers of all age groups.


Agencies of Sama Al-Amirat company