Al-Rasheed Scientific Bureau

Established in 2012 in Baghdad, specialized in trading of medical materials and nutritional supplements and has transformed from one of the renowned private pharmaceutical wholesale firms to the fastest growing pharmaceutical distributors in Iraq.

Al-Rasheed Scientific Bureau aims to become one of the main offices in the field of distributing and supplying medicines and scientific materials through a large logistical support network, in addition to providing high-quality and guaranteed medical materials in Iraq and promoting the best medical products and services that satisfy the medical needs of the Iraqi community

We will make sure in Al-Rasheed office to implement the company’s mission in cooperation with all stakeholders , so that the health sector in Iraq will be in the highest levels of efficiency and ensures that all members of society maintain their health by providing the best health services and products with the highest international specifications and standards.


Agencies of Al-Rasheed Scientific Bureau


NOW Foods

Is a American company specialized in the manufacture of nutritional supplements, founded in 1968 in Illinois state of America, It is considered as one of the first companies in the food supplement industry and is spread in most countries of the world. 1500 diverse products of nutritional supplements from natural sources such as vitamins, minerals, special mathematics, bodybuilding, natural oils for cooking and external use, food for human nature, as well as food for animals and pets.


The Argentine company Casasco, which was founded in 1876 and is headquartered in the capital (Buenos Aires),and is currently spread in several countries around the world.

Casasco Specialized in the manufacture of medicines to treat human diseases such as pressure diseases, diabetes, joints diseases, as well as neurological diseases.


The Jordanian Company for Pharmaceutical Industries, which was established in 1978 in Jordan, to manufacture therapeutic medicines with a license from international companies for the treatment of human diseases.

JPM spread in most countries of the Arab world, as well as European Union countries such as Bosnia and Moldova, as well as African countries such as Mozambique and Uganda. 

Specialized in the manufacture of medicines to treat pressure diseases, diabetes, neurological diseases, respiratory diseases, anti-inflammatory and others.


Joriver pharmaceuticals industries which located in Amman, Jordan.

specialized in the manufacture of medicines to treat respiratory system diseases, intestinal system, anti-inflammatory and analgesics.

Bausch + Lomb

The American company Bausch & Lomb, which was founded in 1853 in the United States of America and specializes in the manufacture of therapeutic preparations for eye diseases such as moisturizing, anti-inflammatory drops, white glaucoma, and gels for dry and sensitive eyes, as well as lenses.

BESINS Healthcare

BEZEN Company, which was founded in 1885, headquartered in Monaco in Europe. Specialized in the manufacture of therapeutic medicines for women’s and men’s health, such as hormones and others.


Is an American company, headquartered in California.  Specialized in the manufacture of nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.


Yves Rocher is a French company which was founded in 1959, headquartered in the French city of Lagosley. 

Specialized in the production of cosmetics from natural sources without any chemicals and is considered one of the first companies in the world in this field.  It has many branches all over the world and its goal is to show the natural beauty of women using natural plant products. 

its products is hair care, skin care, whitening and moisturizing products, as well as natural plant-based makeup.