Byblos Scientific Bureau

Specialises in trading medical materials and nutritional supplements.

Our goal is to provide and secure the best medical agencies and materials and provide the best solutions and actual value for all Iraqis family.

Byblos Scientific Bureau aims to become one of the largest scientific offices in Iraq based on scientific foundations to promote and protect public health and protect society to ensure the safety of food and medicine.

the office mission is through its continuation in research and development  To provide high quality, effective and affordable medicines in the Iraqi market


Agencies of Al-Rasheed Scientific Bureau



The Danish Lundbeck Company was founded in 1915 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is considered one of the leading companies in the innovation of treatments for nervous system diseases such as depression, epilepsy, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and others.  It has registered therapeutic medicines in more than 100 countries around the world.


Adipharm Pharmaceutical Industries was founded in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Which obtained GMP certificate from the EU Medicines Agency. Specialized in the manufacture of treatments for pressure diseases, diabetes, anti-inflammatory, neurological and digestive diseases.

Golden Formulas

Canadian Golden Medical Systems, headquartered in Toronto, has a GMP quality certificate. Specialized in the manufacture of nutritional supplements, skin safety, immune system, joints, bones and others.

Terra Biotics

Terra Biotics Company was newly established in 2020, and it produces nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals. It is currently about to add other products to treat respiratory and pediatric diseases.

Puritan’s Pride

Purtan’s Pride is an American company, which was established in 1973 in the New York State of America, and is one of the subsidiaries of the Swiss brand Nestle. Specialized in the production of nutritional supplements such as vitamins and plant extracts to treat immune, digestive, anemia and other diseases.  It has more than 1,000 products and is spread in many countries around the world.